Calling in sick today

Seems like everyone’s coming down with a bit of something or other in this house. Yuuki’s been having allergy flare-ups to the point of nearly chewing through his paws. He’s been sentenced to little foot wraps laced with bitter apple at night to keep him from messing with them. Once they’re on, he boycotts our affection– he’s a grudge-holder.

Yuuki wearing his anti-chew tape

And Sir Ouch-a-lot’s foot is on the mend, but not as quickly as his doctor would like. We’re going to wait two weeks for the next check-up, and hopefully the toe will be on track to heal normally. In the meantime, here’s the cutest picture ever that his vet had on file.

Sir Ouch-a-lot at the vet’s office being put under to have a full examination (without the puffing tantrum)